Give Your Home a Grander Look

Give Your Home a Grander Look

Home remodeling services in the Munroe Falls & Akron, Ohio area

Ready to add a deck to your home? Want to install new shelves in your living room? Walters Building Company completes residential remodels in Munroe Falls & Akron and the surrounding area. Our specialists have years of experience heading up different projects. We can do everything from a simple change-up to a whole-home remodel.

We make everything easy for you so you can have the home you've always wanted. Let's get started on your home's remodel - contact Walters Building Company right now for your consultation.

Choose the best for your interior remodel or home addition

Walters Building Company works on kitchens, bathrooms, basements, living rooms and other areas of a home. Our team uses the highest quality materials to give your home a completely new appeal. Count on our construction professionals to:

  • Take care of flooring, cabinetry, tile and other areas
  • Handle all HVAC, plumbing and electrical work
  • Offer exterior transformations, including siding and decking
Want to transform your living room into an all-in-one entertainment center? Ready to convert your backyard into an outdoor living space? Get in touch with Walters Building Company of Munroe Falls for your home remodeling project today.